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Politics at the Playground?

by Nelima

Dr. Grace Yoo amused me today when she talked about how her kids were having a fight in the back of the car over who gets to be Obama. “I don’t even know why you are arguing over politicians when you can’t even vote,” she said. “We can vote at nick.com” said her son. From Oct 12th – 20th a record breaking 2.2 million kids got to vote for president in Nickelodeon’s  2008 Kids pick the President ‘kids’ vote. Senator Obama received 51% of the vote (1,167,087), and Senator McCain received 49% (1,129,945). While the vote is not a scientific poll, it should be noted that the kids have correctly predicted the president in four of the last five U.S. elections.

Anyhoo, at this presentation – I did forget to mention that that Dr.Yoo was giving a webcast presentation on Obama Mamas: Change and Hope for Our Children as part of the U of MN’s “The Obama Effect” conference – I got to hear some of the cutest things kids are saying and doing with regards to Obama’s campaign.

* A lady in the audience said that her 6 year old son says,  “Obama’s my favorite character on TV”.  She was with her 6 year old daughter who said she’s voting for Obama, but admitted that they don’t discuss him at the playground.

*Dr Yoo said at a gathering one of her children asked his friend, “Is your mom voting for Obama?” … “Why not?”

*Congresswoman, Mee Moua, says her child always points at the American flag and says, “Obama”.

*New America associate editor, Edwin Okong’o, said his 11 year old daughter is constantly buying him Obama T-shirts (unfortunately he’s a journalist and can’t wear them – especially not on the job).

Heard any cute-kid-campaign-quotes (even pro-McCain ones)? Please share.


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