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What is America to me? Thoughts on the US Presidential elections

by Mukoma wa Ngugi

Countee Cullen, a black American poet, once asked: What is Africa to me?

With the US elections just days away, and Africans holding their breath, fingers mostly crossed for Senator Barack Obama, I find I have to reverse the question and ask: What is America to me?

Why should the outcome of the US presidential elections matter to Africa?

What my heart feels and what my mind knows are at loggerheads.  My heart, nationalistic and black, beats with the ups and downs of the Obama campaign.  But my mind, at times cynical but always searching for the bottom line of things, knows an Empire is not run on good will, that there are no gentle giants and that history is not erased overnight.

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One thought on “What is America to me? Thoughts on the US Presidential elections

  1. Hey, Nice Question. Personally, I believe that the US elections this time around is very important to Africans because it has undeniably given many a sense of hope.

    Yes…it is probably all mental; however, in a continent that is looked upon as quite frankly a “Failing Continent”, I think Obama’s minute ties to Kenya have done a lot for the ego’s of many Africans, including Nigerians (who raised money for his campaign), South Africans, Kenyans etc.

    I hope we can all get something out of the US elections on a personal level, even if it may not be the hope for a renewed effort to save Africa if Obama wins.

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