Where are the African-African Men?

by Swallehe Msuya

I came to America from the African jungle,they call me King of the Jungle!
You know why? Simple – I am a hard nut to crack…
I grew up wrestling lions, elephants and crocodiles!
Yes, that is me, so don’t mess with me!

I see white women in lipstick, they do all kinds of things!
Plastic surgery for bigger bubbies, work-outs for slim waist-line,
High heels for enhanced height, yes tall and thin is the craze!
They say Hi! with a (fake?) smile to the African-African man!
Careful, they don’t mean they are available, you are a potential rapist!

I see black girls, they call them sisters of America looking for respect,
Yes, they love Aretha Franklin, R-E-S-P-E-C-T !!!
Yet they are in Disney-world, smoking heavily, drinking and on weed!
That stinch smell of drugs, alcohol and too much leg exposure!
They turn me off, and I go the other way!

You black guys are terrible, they scream to me!
You do not like your black sisters! Why? Black and Proud, says James Brown!
You don’t dig that? You are a native of the African Jungle?
Welcome to America! Our men, finest men are in jail
They are chasing white girls (sick!) Or they have turned gay!

Lonely, and lonesome! We turn to animal love – pets!
Like the white folks, we befriend dogs, cats, pigs, any animal!
Why animals? They do not cheat on us, you Blacks always do!
Do not blame us for being lesbians? Where is the choise?
Don’t say LOVE, when you mean dick-pussy ping-pong!

African-African girls, I hear you lamenting!
Where are the finest of our men? Those who wrestled beasts!
Do they go for White girls? What about us?
What is wrong with our kinky hair? Must we put on wigs to look trendy?
Come on African-African men, fine men – bring it on – the HEAT!

Yes, this is the bottom-line! This is the melting pot!
You know what we are missing? Must I spell it to you?
An African-African Dating Club! Yes, Blue-Nile type!
Bring it on good sisters! You can do it, do it now!
No more starvation, and we like it real natural! Bring on the HEAT!


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