Breaking The Silence Congo Week: Oct 19th – 25th



by Nelima

Friends of Congo and students worldwide have today launched a huge campaign to raise awareness of the atrocities in the Congo.  Student activist Kambale Musavuli, who is at the forefront of this campaign, often notes that Darfur happens in the Congo every five and a half months. Resource-rich Congo has been ravaged by war since 1996 and about 6 million people have lost their lives so far. Exports of Coltan, which is used in every cell phone, laptop, video games and other electronic devices, has been attributed by experts to helping finance the present day conflict in the Congo. Musavuli is very passionate about the plight affecting his home country that even an explusion from Facebook for advocating a cell phone boycott in March this year did little to stop him. As part of Congo Week’s campaign, there will be a cell out on Oct 22nd from 12pm to 6pm – and that means no texting. Instead have this recording as your voicemail.

“Did you know that Congo has anywhere from 64 – 80 percent of the world’s reserve of Coltan, a natural resource that is central to the operation of our cell phones? As we benefit from coltan nearly 6 million Congolese have died in the deadliest conflict since world war two as a result of the scramble for coltan and other minerals key to the functioning of modern technology. Join us in solidarity with the Congolese people and turn your phone off for a day”

Learn more about this campaign here.


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