Voting for Non-Citizens

This is a GREAT article by Ibe Kaba. I couldn’t have said it better.

This year I am going to vote, regardless whether or not I am a US citizen.

Whether you have a green card, here on a visa, or here “illegally”, you can too. And you should. For the sake of disclosure, I must inform you it is illegal for non-citizens to vote. You could be deported for impersonating a citizen. But 9-oct-08this election. And that is not even because of the candidates. Yes, there is history on both sides. Come November 5 th, America would have elected its first Black president, or first female vice-president. That is beside the point. America is at a crossroads; this election is about going left or right (no pun intended). The economy is on the line, healthcare is on the line, social security is on life support, there is the war in Iraq, the one in the inner cities; and yes, when it comes to education, your child’s name must be “no child” because he/she is being left behind.

Continue reading here.


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