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The Naked Stages Series presents Beverly Cottman’s Layer(s)

Beverly Cottman

by Nelima

If you love the art of storytelling then you know Beverly Cottman and if you don’t know her your exploration of this art is incomplete.

Since 1997 “Auntie Beverly” has been telling stories to children and adults in venues that vary from birthday parties to libraries to museums and on the radio. Beverly’s stories are based on African and African-American myths, folktales and fables that reflect her culture and heritage.  From Oct 16th -18th she will feature in the Naked Stages Series I at the Intermedia Arts where she will perform her written piece, Layer(s).

Layer(s) is an exploration of the development of Beverly Cottman’s creative process using a blend of storytelling and collage/assemblage technique. The weaving of personal narrative through an old story will inspire the creation of a work of art during the performance. Projected images, recorded music, scripted and improvisational text will be used to reveal various sources of inspiration.

This is a great opportunity to see “Auntie Beverly” doing what she does best. Find more information here.


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